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We want to bring your favorite activities and traditions from your time at Dartmouth here to your life in Ohio.

Small Club of the Year

2012 Small Club of the Year

“Oscar Night.  A Day of Potables. HighRise Academy. White Water Rafting. Eastern European Cookoff. Dartmouth Outing Club. What do all these things have in common? The Small Club of the Year–DCCO.

Having set out on a path of excellence in 2011, the Club did not rest on its laurels, rather it strove to reach new heights in all aspects of club activity. Realizing that well-attended events create the best opportunity to promote membership and capture dues, the dedicated Board of Directors were imaginative and innovative.  The offered a full range of activities including academic lectures, Academy Awards parties, bonfire building wine tastings, interviewing, stuffed cabbage recipe contests, as well as traditional events. They even created a Dartmouth Outing Club within their own club.

Although the Club likes to play hard, they take their civic responsibility very seriously.  Partnering with HighRise Academy, a non profit organization which helps high-achieving, low-income students apply to top-tier colleges, the Club hosted a two-day retreat engaging the student in the team building exercises and college preparation activities.  Members then continued to mentor students throughout the year.

All of this would not have been successful if it was not for a strategic and comprehensive communications plan and the incredible leadership and hard work of the Board of Directors.

The famous advertising mogul, David Ogilvy, once said ‘Don’t bunt. Hit it out of the Park.’ The 2012 Small Club of the Year continues to do just that and has earned the title of ‘Home Run Kings.'”

2011 Small Club of the Year

“This year the 2011 Small Club of the Year undertook a very successful initiative to strengthen their club’s leadership and membership engagement.  The size of their board has grown as the club has created new strategic positions to carry through on goals for increasing membership and communications.  Last July, they organized and were one of five clubs participating in the day-long Midwest Leadership Retreat where club leaders participated in sessions on Board Management, Corporate Sponsorship, Dues and Participation, Power of the Brand, and Developing an Effective Communications Strategy.

They followed up this event with their own club and communications strategy meetings, which led to the development of a full calendar of club events for the upcoming year.  The club presented the slate of upcoming events at their annual fall back-to-school send-off party for incoming and returning students, where it was met with a lot of excitement from club membership.  The club’s goals include building an active organization in their city that will provide opportunities for Dartmouth alumni and their families to gather, as well as enhancing the image of Dartmouth in their community through increased outreach programs.”

Our Mission

Our mission is simple: we want you to come hang out with us!

Our Goals

  • To build and sustain an active Central Ohio alumni organization committed to supporting its members, the local community, and Dartmouth College.
  • To provide a channel for continued intellectual growth by offering opportunities for thoughtful exchange.
  • To establish and sustain an active forum for professional and social networking.
  • To build a network for good through community outreach and volunteering.
  • To create and sustain an adjunct network for the college to support student admissions and career placement, as well as provide warm reception for college visitors.
  • To create a sense of pride in DCCO events and activities by maintaining a club that operates as a cooperative community in which each Dartmouth alumnus, alumna, spouse, parent, student, and friend can participate.


The DCCO leadership meets regularly in Columbus. All DCCO members are encouraged to attend, learn about the Board and its committees, and get involved. Meeting dates and times are posted on the Events page, and in club e-newsletters. The current Club leaders are:

Executive Committee Chairs:
Presidents: Charlie Winslow ’82 and Marianne Eppig ’08
Social Chair: Jack Driessen ’12
Communications Chair: Marianne Eppig ’08
Membership Chair & Treasurer: Neil Kandler ’09

Event Committee Members:
Dartmouth Entrepreneurial Network of Ohio: Diego Villalobos T’13
District Enrollment: Mike Dovidio ’07
Culture: Amanda Potter
Philanthropy: Jasmine He T’12

Interested in serving in a leadership capacity? It is extremely rewarding, a terrific way to network, and looks sensational on a resume. Contact dartmouthcco@gmail.com.


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